Guest // Alan Phillips, Esq

Host //  Valerie Borek, Esq

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All fifty states provide for medical exemptions to mandatory vaccination for day care and school admission. Forty-eight offer a religious exemption and 20 have a personal belief or philosophical opt-out provision…

Until July 1, 2016, anyway… when SB277 takes effect and California joins Mississippi and West Virginia as the three states in this country to deny the option for a parent-directed vaccine exemption.

More states may follow California’s lead; they are surely trying.

On the heels of this legislative offensive and irrespective of state statutes, schools across the country have been putting the pressure on parents this fall.

  • Can a school choose not to follow state law?
  • Can a school exclude a child based on vaccination status?
  • Do I have to explain my religious beliefs to obtain an exemption? Is this constitutional?
  • What happens when a private day care or school won’t honor a religious vaccine exemption?
  • What can we do to protect our rights?

alanphillipsAttorney Alan Phillips is a nationally recognized vaccine law expert. For over a decade he has been dedicated to legislative activism to preserve exemption rights, educating the public on vaccine law, and helping individuals and families secure their rights in public and private settings. Check out his website, his eBook, The Authoritative Guide to Legal Exemptions, and his show, The Vaccine Agenda on Blog Talk Radio.

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