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December 17, 2014

Guest // Robert J. Krakow, Esq

Host // Louise Kuo Habakus

sad-child2So you think they’re your kids? Sure, you gave birth to them. You raise them, teach them your values, ferry them far and wide, and shower them with love and stuff.

Did you know they can be taken away from you in a heartbeat and it doesn’t take much?

You might have no warning before there’s a knock at the door from Child Protective Services(CPS).

Let’s back up for a moment. It’s understandable that our reflexive response is to support structured resources that protect children from abuse or neglect. We’ve read terrible stories of little ones tortured beyond imagination. We whisper a quiet prayer that, please, the next time, a curious neighbor or concerned teacher might find the courage to intervene. We’d like to imagine CPS caseworkers as a caped avengers of sorts, swooping in to save the day.

But what happens when you’re on the other side of the equation? Let’s say you get into an argument with a doctor or a teacher. What if a neighbor doesn’t like the way you’re raising your child? Can anyone call CPS about you? Is it true that allegations can be unsubstantiated and calls can be made anonymously? CPS is obligated to investigate every single call. And more parents than you can imagine fall down the rabbit hole. They find themselves in a true nightmare, waging an epic battle for their children.

Join me and Bob Krakow for an eye-opening and sobering discussion about the things that can and do happen to parents and what you need to know to protect your family:

  • What if the hospital says your child urgently requires a certain medical intervention and you disagree?
  • What if you and your child’s doctor don’t see eye to eye about supplements, alternative treatments, or vaccination?
  • What if you’re falsely accused of Münchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP)?
  • Who are Mandated Reporters?
  • What are the laws and limits? What do we need to know about the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA)?
  • What rights do parents have?
  • What are the top things that parents must know to protect their families?

bob headshot cropRobert J. Krakow, Esq is an attorney in private practice in New York City focusing on the trial of civil and criminal cases, and specializes in the representation of persons injured by exposure to environmental toxins and vaccines. Bob started his legal career with NYPIRG. He was a prosecutor with the New York County District Attorney’s office and served as Bureau Chief of the special narcotics prosecution division. Bob is committed to working for individuals with disabilities. He is on the board of Lifespire, Inc. and was Board Chair for 7 years. He founded and/or serves/served on the boards of prominent autism and vaccine safety advocacy organizations including EBCALA, Center for Personal Rights, A-CHAMP, National Autism Association, and SafeMinds. He lives in NYC with his wife and their two children.

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