Host: Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD

Guests: Jill Tappert and Tasmin Cordie, DC

Children and teens today face enormous struggles just to learn, play, socialize, or comply with simple requests.

Estimates range from six to forty percent of our kids using stimulant or other psychotropic medications in America today, depending on age and whether they are in foster care.

Can we bring some of the joy and ease of learning and growing up back into our children’s lives? Yes, we can – and food may be the most pivotal piece.

This show is about the ways that food, fats, and fungus (yup, fungus) may be working against your child’s efforts to learn, grow, thrive, and experience more success with friends and studies. 

Jill Tappert, Esq is a leader in the Colorado autism community, an attorney, a wife, and the parent of two children, one of whom has significant medical and mental health challenges. From the beginning, Jill found that her daughter’s needs often do not fit into existing boxes, options or categories. Determined to give her child the best chance at a safe, fulfilled, and reasonably happy life, she has been working tirelessly to create change and opportunity for her daughter and the broader community. Jill co-founded the Boulder Campus of The Joshua School. She served on the Boards of The Joshua School and the Autism Society of Colorado.

Tasmin Cordie, DC is a chiropractor who has shifted her practice heavily in to nutrition using a technique called Nutrition Response Testing. Learn about how this nuanced skill set has changed the lives of people in Tasmin’s practice, and why she found that just using chiropractic techniques alone was not enough for her patients.

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