with Larry Palevsky, MD

baby footOn today’s show, Dr. Larry will be speaking to two moms in his practice, Maxine and Nicole. Maxine has two daughters, and Nicole has a daughter and a son.

Listeners will hear Dr. Larry interview both moms regarding their experiences navigating the conventional pediatric world for their first children, and then have them explain what made them move towards living a more holistic life, while also gravitating towards more holistic pediatric practices.

Nicole KatzNicole Leahy will discuss her experience with her conventional pediatrician in regards to her eldest daughter’s food reactions and rashes, and then describe her interactions with the conventional world when her son required surgery.

Nicole is a 27 year-old mother of Harper (2) and Gunnar (5 months). Nicole’s husband is a career firefighter and the chief of their local volunteer fire department. Nicole works from home as the CEO of a green pest control company and is also a volunteer EMT and firefighter. Nicole enjoys yoga and teaching her children how to grow their own food through gardening. Harper’s birth was a traumatic experience, which led them to seek other safer options for birthing. Gunnar’s home birth was a healing and uplifting experience.

Maxine WebberMaxine Webber will talk about her interactions with her conventional pediatrician when her eldest daughter received her first set of vaccines, and what transpired for her health going forward. She will also talk about her second daughter’s failure to gain weight, and how she navigated through the holistic pediatric world to help her grow and thrive without medications.

Maxine is a 27 year-old mother of two happy and thriving girls, Emerson (3) and Sierra (2). Her husband is a NYC police officer, volunteer fireman, and a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Maxine is a professional, published photographer specializing in birth, newborn, and family photography. They take great pride in teaching their children about the great outdoors, sustainable living off the land, and independence. Her family’s ultimate goals are happiness, a sense of safety, and robust health.

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