with Larry Palevsky, MD

child blowing dandelionAmala Holt’s son had significant asthma and food allergies, and her daughter had eczema and skin rashes. She consulted with Dr. Larry in 2012 and 2013 for guidance regarding both children.

Dr. Larry and Amala will talk through her journey. She will speak about her deep concern about her children’s health struggles, the advice delivered by conventional physicians, the information she received from Dr. Larry in the office, how she used it to make dramatic changes in her home, and the process by which she became empowered to improve her children’s health.

Amala will share how she feeds and cares for her children, such that her son no longer wheezes, and can tolerate more and more foods without reactions, and such that her daughter no longer develops the kind of skin outbreaks that interfered with her health and her social life.

Join us for a fascinating, nuts and bolts show about food, supplements, healing, and how Amala was inspired to take action and help her children enough to stay out of Dr. Larry’s office. She will share how the information she learned in the office helped improve her own health, too.

Amala w childrenAmala Holt, a software engineer by profession and a stay-at-home mother of three by choice, was born and raised in India. She immigrated to the United States to pursue a graduate degree in Computer Engineering. Here true passion for good food and for good health led her into her side career, to open the CT School of Indian Cooking. Amala enjoys teaching with lively, heart warming anecdotes about the health benefits of Indian spices and the traditions of soaking, fermenting, and sprouting. She has done a few cooking segments for local television. Amala gave birth to her children in a birth center at the hands of midwives. Having suffered asthma all her life, she was searching for a way to heal her third child’s evolving asthma symptoms without the use of conventional medicine, the ones she had taken all her life. Along with her immigrant European husband, Amala believes she might finally know the cause of much that ails us: food; and the solution to much that ails us: food!

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