Margo Gasta, MS, RD, CCN, CHom

with Judy Converse, MPH, RD

realfoodimageIt’s not so easy to figure out what to feed our kids anymore. Just when you think you’ve gotten it down, you learn there’s new research implicating a true staple in your family’s diet; something you would’ve sworn was healthy and unassailable.

What happens when “China Study” mom mixes it up with “Paleo dad” and each plants a seed of doubt in the other?

Join host Judy Converse and fellow nutrition expert Margo Gasta for a lively discussion on what parents are trying, what works, what doesn’t, and what evidence and clinical experience say about how we feed our children.

They’ll discuss many questions we wrestle with on our own, including:

  • What way(s) of eating are best and why?
  • Does milk really make bones strong?
  • Are animal fats good or bad?
  • Can vegetarian diets work for children?
  • Or are animal foods critical to their growth and development?

And they’ll discuss what they feed their own kids!

Bonus: if you send your questions ahead of time, as a reply to this blog post, Judy and Margo will address them on the air!

margohairdown2Margo Gasta, MS, RD, CCN, CHOM, owner of Sante Vie Nutrition and Homeopathy, is an integrative and functional medicine dietician and a certified homeopath. Margo provides individualized assessments and protocols addressing a wide range of health concerns, including gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune disease, mood and cognitive support, emotional eating, and infertility. She holds degrees from from California Polytechnic University and Texas Woman’s University.

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