Guest // Jenn Giustra-Kozek, LPC

Host // Beth Lambert

healing without hurting jacketThe number of children diagnosed with ADHD in this country has reached epidemic proportions. Eleven percent of children ages 4-17 have an ADHD diagnosis and 1 in every 5 boys will receive this diagnosis during their childhood. That’s 20% of our boys!

Most of these children will be put on some form of stimulant medication that can deplete the body of essential nutrients; impact sleep, appetite, and growth; and result in a whole host of negative side effects including anxiety, tics, rage, kidney and liver problems, manic episodes, and altered personality.

It gets worse. In May 2014, the New York Times reported that at least 10,000 toddlers are currently medicated outside current pediatric guidelines, which does not really recognize ADHD as a valid diagnosis before age 4.

If no one seems alarmed by that fact that one-fifth of our boys are walking the halls of their elementary schools on psycho-stimulant medications, surely, the drugging of babies will make somebody stand up and take notice?

And it has.

MeejennpicJennifer Giustra-Kozek, LPC, HpN, author and licensed psychotherapist with 15 years of clinical experience treating clients with an array of health disorders including Asperger’s, depression, anxiety, OCD, and ADHD. Jennifer has seen this epidemic unfold in her own private practice and watched the harmful impact of medication on her many young clients:

I’ve frequently seen medication change sweet and agreeable children into angry, depressed and/or foggy children their parents didn’t recognize.

The ADHD epidemic turned personal when Jennifer’s young son was diagnosed. She plunged into a world where parents have found safe and natural healing modalities outside of the pharmaceutical model. Her son is now recovered from ADHD and apraxia. Jennifer’s new book Healing Without Hurting will be released in November. Jennifer began consulting and blogging with thousands of moms through social media to teach them about alternative and natural solutions for healing autism spectrum disorders. Since the creation of her Facebook page, over 100,000 weekly visitors turn to her for guidance and support.

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