Guest: Chris Kresser, Lac

Host: Kelly Brogan

Women are in crisis, and our children are following suit.

What if there were a simple solution to infertility, poor obstetrical outcomes, and chronic disease in our kids? What if we could leverage the power of nutrition to right these wrongs?

Kelly Brogan grabs “health detective” and food expert Chris Kresser for an hour and asks our burning questions.

  • Where would we start?
  • What would the recommendations be?
  • Would they really make a difference?
  • What are optimal foods for fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding?
  • What are ideal first foods for babies?
  • What are the top three food toxins to avoid?
  • How should we be customizing our diets?

Chris Kresser, MS, LAc is a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative and functional medicine. He’s a blogger, podcaster, teacher, and a Paleo diet and lifestyle enthusiast. Chris launched The Healthy Skeptic in 2008 to “help others see through the common myths and misdirections peddled by the media and medical establishment.”

He now blogs on his eponymous, one of the most respected natural health sites. Chris frequently appears in national media outlets, including Time, The Atlantic, NPR, and Fox & Friends. His new book, The Personal Paleo Code, is  based on over ten years of research, his own recovery from a debilitating, decade-long illness, and his clinical work with patients. Chris maintains a private practice in Berkeley, California, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

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