Could we think more effectively?  Edward Burger, PhD thinks so. He and co-author Michael Starbird have a new book called The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking that offers concrete strategies on how to provoke ourselves into a more brilliant thought process. They draw upon the five Chinese elements–earth, fire, air, water, and the quintessential element of change –as a sort of “intellectual GPS” to explain their recommendations and techniques.

Beyond an interest in this topic, what drew us to their book is the breadth of their teaching experience and connection to college students for decades.

In our interview we want to know how college kids look these days? What makes kids want to learn? How can parents nurture their kids to become critical thinkers and engaged, passionate learners?  We’ll be talking with Ed about ways to sharpen our thinking, so we can inspire our kids with their learning, and ourselves to make better parenting and life decisions.

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