Children spend 7 hours 38 minutes per day using entertainment media. And due to media multitasking (i.e., surfing while texting), they actually pack 10 hours 45 minutes of media content into those 7+ hours.

Do you know how the brain responds to video games and watching TV? Would it surprise you to know that children are overstimulating the part of the brain responsible for activating the “fight, flight or freeze” survival responses? And we are under-stimulating the activities that simulate the part of the brain responsible for empathy, relationship building, and executive function (i.e., planning, decision making, judgment).

Today we interview Kristen Race, PhD author of Mindful Parenting  who integrates cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology, and child development offering suggestions that are grounded in the science of the brain. Kristen emphasizes small changes that can make a big difference. In this program she will teach parents the tools of resiliency, brain coolers, and the benefits of nurturing a mindfulness practice that can change how our brain works.

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