We’re getting down and dirty with Kimberly Ford Chisholm, the author of Hump: True Tales of Sex After Kids.Talk of sex and parents inspires lots of silly jokes and witty wordplay. One my favorites is a variant of Carpe diem…Seize the lay! All kidding aside, this is a really important discussion that yields some great advice inside hilarious, bawdy, angst-filled storytelling.

When we floated the topic with some dad and mom friends and unnamed spouses, this is what we heard:

Families are less functional when parents stop having sex with each other.

If you’re not having sex with your spouse, don’t assume no one is having sex.

Even if it’s absolutely, unequivocally the very last thing in the world you feel like doing, do it anyway. I’m always glad I did.

Give a little, get a little.

Listen to our interview with Kimberly then share the podcast with your favorite adult in the house. You’re welcome.

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