How Do I find a Great Pediatrician with Stephen Cowan, MD, FAAP.
When did finding a pediatrician become so complicated?

What is a “great” pediatrician anyway?

What about the growing number of families who are leaving mainstream pediatrics?

Join us for a heart-centered conversation with board-certified pediatrician and author, Stephen Cowan, MD, FAAP. He shares with us the hard-earned and learned wisdom from a quarter century of clinical experience, working with children and parents… closely.

We’re asking Stephen our toughest questions. How has parenting (and medicine) changed since he started his practice? What common denominators does he see in the children and families that are thriving? What advice would he give to medical students considering a career in pediatrics today? What are the things he wishes parents knew?

Stephen is also the author of Fire Child Water Child, which offers parents a guide to deeper understanding of ways to support each child’s adaptive style moving away from 'one size fits al'l labels and medicating symptoms, and guided by the lens of Chinese Medicine

Tune in  for a vibrant conversation with Stephen Cowan, MD on pediatric medicine; where we are coming from, what things look like now, and what we can reach for in the future!

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