Motivating Kids Off the Couch and Into the World with Author Janine Walker Caffrey, EdD
Parenting is hard and even when we try our level best, we can’t predict the future. Consider these two statistics:
• 36% of young adults lived at home with their parents in 2012 (Pew Research). 
• 35% of those postponing retirement cite supporting grown children as the primary reason (Heldrich Center for Workforce Development).
What’s going on?
Are the efforts we’re making to ensure our kids are safe, happy, and enriched backfiring? 
That’s what author and educator Janine Caffrey reveals in her pivotal book Drive 9 Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Achieve and it’s our hot topic for today’s show.
Are some of today’s parenting practices like jam packed extracurricular activities, mom acting as child chauffeur and social director, and a ‘yes’ for every desired gadget or toy resulting in young adults that are ill prepared for the tough realities of launching from home?
Our discussion today focuses on reaching back to common sense with pragmatic solutions you can start to implement today to nurture the natural internal drive all children possess and to help them ignite their passion to move forward towards independence.

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