Brian Thornburg, MD with Kelly Brogan. MD

Pediatrics today:

  • Crowded waiting rooms
  • Sneezing, snotting kids
  • 7-10 minute visits
  • prescriptions
  • and shots.

Meet Dr. Brian Thornburg. The second national concierge practice, he is pioneering a new way to return to caring for the whole child, in their whole family.

Join us as we explore some hot topics including:

  • What’s wrong with pediatrics today?
  • Why are kids sick in the way that they are? Both chronically and acutely?
  • How is your practice model different?
  • What are well visits really for? Who do they benefit?
  • Decision-making around vaccination has been demonstrated to be most heavily influenced by provider-education. How do you approach this in your practice?

Brian Thornburg, MD is a board-certified pediatrician who trained at the Medical College of Georgia Children’s Medical Center and at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He has a strong interest in child development, patient education, the mind-body-spirit connection, healthy living, and personalizing the medical system to meet the needs of each family. He practices with his wife, Helen Thornburg, MD, an emergency medicine physician. They have eight children ranging, in birth dates from 2002 to 2013.. The family lives on a small farm in Naples and raises cows, goats, chickens, guinea hens and peacocks. They promote self-sustainability and grow a wide variety of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs.


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