Guest // Jeff Hays

Host // Louise Kuo Habakus

bought-movie-imageTo some degree, most of us are “bought.” If we shop at big-box stores or watch mainstream TV, for example, we willingly expose ourselves to some of the best influence that money can buy. We may think we have freedom of choice when, in fact, we participate in and fund (through our purchases) a process that allows our choices to be constrained for us.

No one believes she’s an easy mark. But there’s a good reason that drug companies spend like mad (24% of total revenues) to sell us hard. It works. Americans fill 4 billion prescriptions per year costing $320 billion (excluding OTC meds and vaccines). Since 30% of us opt out, we’re talking about 18 prescriptions — not pills! — per Rx-popper.

Now what if I told you that Americans spent more on healthcare ($3.8 trillion!) and less on food than any other country in the world? Would that make you curious? Would you wonder if there was a relationship? Would you follow the money where it took you, inside the controversy and to the front lines of the battle? Would you take on vaccines and GMOs and place a bullseye on Big Food and Big Pharma?

Let’s take a successful filmmaker with an independent streak and a passion for telling the truth. He starts scratching beneath the surface and becomes engrossed, amazed, and then completely pissed off. He’s a guy after our own hearts. He does something about it. He makes a movie called Bought and it has been quite a trip. Don’t miss this inside look into the making and the telling of the hopeful and heart-breaking truth about America’s health. Watch now… the six week online release ends in 2 days!

jeff hays cropJeff Hays is a successful filmmaker and entrepreneur. He has been producing films for over 20 years and has been short-listed for an Academy Award. Jeff holds 8 patents and the 20+ companies he has founded have collectively raised of $100 million in capital. The most important roles in his life are as father of 9 and grandfather to 10. Read more about Jeff’s work at Jeff Hays Films.

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