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Guest // Zen Honeycutt ** Host // Toni Bark, MD

USA mapParents marching in solidarity — across the United States — for food integrity. Hundreds of activist leaders organizing hundreds of community events in two short years.

This is what happened after one mom started feeding her three boys organic food to avoid GMOs and pesticides and watched their allergy and autism symptoms abate. She realized that thousands of parents are making the same discovery.

  • Has the food issue “tipped”?
  • Who’s behind this movement and how did it start? (Hint: watch this TED Talk)
  • How does something so personal become a national movement?
  • What are the lessons for other health freedom activists looking to catalyze a national movement?
  • What’s next in food-related activism and what can we do to get involved?

zen-cropZen Honeycutt, is the Founder and Director of Moms Across America, a National Coalition of Unstoppable Moms, with the motto “Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids.” MAA has over 400 leaders who have created 600+ community events in 46 states in its first two years. Moms Across America empowers and amplifies the voice of the mom locally and nationally to create healthy communities by raising awareness about GMOs and related pesticides in our food. MAA is expanding to Moms Across the World with co creator Vandana Shiva. Zen has been seen on CNN, the Dr.Oz show, CSPAN, Fox News, and more. She is an international speaker, powerful leadership coach, speaker and consultant. She is currently working on a book called ” Unstoppable Love: Empowering Community Leaders to be Global Game Changers.”

toni-bark-photo-1-cropToni Bark MD, MHEM, LEED AP received her medical doctorate from Rush Medical College and trained in pediatrics and rehab medicine. She was director of the pediatric ER at Michael Reese hospital then studied naturopathic medicine. An intense interest in environmental impacts on health led her to seek LEED accreditation. After working in Haiti post-earthquake, Toni began her studies in health care emergency medicine and disaster planning, including vaccine policy, ethics, safety, and production. She is a contributor author to Vaccine Epidemic (2nd ed) and co-produced her first documentary with executive producer, Jeff Hays.

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Guest // Dean Raffelock DC, Dipl Ac, CCN, DIBAK, DACBN, DAAIM (Retired)

Host // Kelly Brogan, MD


Photo Credit // Claudio Divizia

Dean Raffelock is a pioneering intellect in the field of women’s health. He has focused much of his clinical work on the complexities of a woman’s hormonal physiology, but he goes beyond estrogen and progesterone into the interconnectedness between hormones, neurochemistry, and the immune system.

Where conventional medicine is lumping postpartum depression into the convenient, pharmaceutically-defined box of “chemical imbalance”, Dean offers women science-based insights into the “why” of postpartum mental illness along with radically natural interventions that work.

With only 3 placebo-controlled trials for the efficacy of the reflexive treatment – antidepressants – let’s see what else we can offer today’s mothers.

  • Has postpartum depression always been around? If it’s more common today, then why?
  • What we are calling depression may represent many different “problems”. What does depression really mean?
  • What are some major causes of postpartum depression? Risks?
  • What are important elements of a “natural approach”?
  • Top 3 recommendations for any new mom?

Dean-recent-photoDean Raffelock earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1976 from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. His internship included gynecology and obstetrics along with assisting with multiple deliveries.

During his 36 years in practice he earned board certifications in Clinical Nutrition (DACBN), Acupuncture (Dipl. Ac.), Integrative Medicine (DAAIM), and Applied Kinesiology (DIBAK) along with becoming a certified clinical nutritionist (CCN). He was also certified by and a website host and lecturer for the Institute for Functional Medicine. His unique background and skillset allows him to have a truly integrative perspective regarding human health.

Dean’s book, A Natural Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Health explains many ignored causes of postpartum depression and recommends effective natural remedies.

Having retired from active practice in late 2013, Dean now consults and formulates nutritional supplements and information products for the nutrition and healthy foods industry. This allows him to reach many people with his knowledge of health and nutrition.

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Guest // Mary Coyle, DIHom

Host // Louise Kuo Habakus


Photo Credit // ptnimages

Homotoxicology is a long name for a simple therapeutic model designed tosafely remove damaging toxins stored in our organs and body fats.

Based upon the principles of homeopathy “Let like cure like,” Homotoxicology functions on both extracellular and intracellular levels. Most of us are familiar with chelation therapy, colonics, or dietary/supplement detox strategies for detoxification. This nearly 100 year old “best kept secret” can function independently or synergistically with these modalities. As its popularity grows in the US, more and more families have begun to integrate Homotoxicology into their lives to gain and maintain better health at a deeper level.

This show features one of the leading practitioners of homotoxicology, particularly as it applies to children with chronic and neurodevelopmental conditions:

  • What are the foundational principles of Homotoxocology and how does it differ from classical homeopathy?
  • What’s the science behind how and why it’s effective?
  • What is the body’s capacity for processing toxicity and what are its limits? What are the differences between detoxification and drainage?
  • Tell us about Progressive and Regressive Vicaration as health begins to shift.
  • Can you share a case study?
  • Who might benefit from homotoxicology and what do we need to know about implementing this kind of program?


Mary Coyle, DIHom is a homeopath with extensive training in homotoxicology and German Biological Medicine. She is the director of theReal Child Center in New York City. Homotoxicology utilizes cellular drainage, nutrition, and time-tested homeopathic techniques to stimulate the self-healing mechanism in your child. It is a therapy geared to enable your child to move to the next level of health. Mary writes and speaks about detoxification at the cellular level. She is a contributing author of Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism(Skyhorse, 2013).

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Guests // Jody Selander & Sharon Young

Host // Chandler Marrs, PhD

Although prominent in Chinese Medicine and across most mammalian species, placental ingestion or placentophagy, has only recentlygained popularity in Western cultures. The placenta plays an important role in endocrine functioning and fetal nutrient supply during pregnancy. After childbirth, the mom is depleted of these critical hormones and nutrients. According to placentophagy practitioners and researchers, the hormones, nutrients and other compounds contained within the placenta at the time of parturition may still be beneficial to mothers during their postpartum recovery.

Over the last decade, an entire industry supporting postpartum placental ingestion has sprung up. Women are clamoring to experience the purported health benefits associated with placentophagy. Stories abound detailing the positive experiences associated with placentophagy along with a few not so positive experiences. Is it safe? Is it effective?

For this episode of the Heal with Friends podcast, we’ll talk to leaders in the field of placentophagy, Jodi Selander, founder of Placenta Benefits, and graduate student Sharon Young. Both women have worked arduously to understand the risks and benefits of placentophagia.

jodi_selander bioJodi Selandar has been working with postpartum women for over nine years. She is the Director of Placenta Benefits, an informational resource and training organization dedicated to natural postpartum recovery. She launched the first training course for placenta professionals in 2007. Since then, she has published numerous articles on postpartum wellness, including peer-reviewed research articles on human maternal placentophagy. She is a member of the Placentophagy Research Team at UNLV. She is also the author of The Postpartum Survival Guide, a guidebook for parents. Jodi is a regular speaker at conferences on the subject of postpartum and teaches classes for parents and care providers. She is a single mom and lives in Las Vegas with her three young daughters.

sharon- young-bio-pic2Sharon Young is a PhD candidate in the Anthropology Department at UNLV studying biomedical anthropology. Her research focuses on maternal reproductive health and, more specifically, human maternal placentophagy. She has studied placentophagy with an interdisciplinary team of researchers for the past seven years and this work has been highlighted in university, local, and national media outlets including newspaper and magazine articles, and television and radio interviews.

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