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Hope and Healing in a Military Family

with Beth Lambert

kids-loveRecovering a child from a severe chronic illness is neither a myth nor a rare occurrence. Every day in this country children are regaining their health and wellness thanks to the intense love and commitment of their parents and caregivers, often in partnership with courageous, dedicated, and cutting edge clinicians.

The journey to recovery is challenging, expensive, and emotional. Now imagine guiding your child to recovery while managing the stress of having a newborn while your husband deploys to Afghanistan.

Military families have nearly double the rate of autism as the general population, and the stresses in these families are uniquely challenging. And yet, there is hope for families in the military.

Maria O'Neill

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Amy Wright Glenn

A Doula’s Reflections on Life and Death

with Cornelia Mazzan

Birth-Breath-and-Death-Front-Cover-copyThis is a beautiful gem of a book, written by a woman who looked within and then outside her inherited Mormon faith and traditions to find insights into life’s biggest questions about love, pain, and mystery.

Critical of the corruption found in the denial of feminine intuition and curiosity, Amy Wright Glenn remained hungry for spiritual support and missed having rituals to honor the the rites of passage and life, including weddings, funerals, births, and deaths.

As a privileged witness of miracles in her roles as birth doula, hospital chaplain, and yoga teacher, she focuses on meditation and the power of breath to open the heart and to facilitate remarkable journeys at the thresholds of life, motherhood, and death.

Amy Wright GlennAmy Wright Glenn is a scholar of comparative religion and philosophy. She earned her MA in Religion and Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She taught in The Religion and Philosophy Department at The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey for over a decade, where she was the recipient of the Dunbar Abston, Jr. Chair for Teaching Excellence. Amy is a Kripalu Yoga teacher, a DONA certified birth doula, and a hospital chaplain. She lives in Florida with her husband and son.

cornelia-radio-hostCornelia Mazzan is Creative Director of Fearless Parentand a co-host of Fearless Parent Radio. She is a mom of one. She is co-leader of NJ BirthNetwork and is trained as a birth doula, a yoga instructor, and a Reiki / energy work practitioner. Cornelia is the past President of Real Mama, Inc and an aspiring midwife. She has a degree in Fine Arts and is a web and print Visual Designer with nearly 20 years of experience.

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with Larry Palevsky, MD

child blowing dandelionAmala Holt’s son had significant asthma and food allergies, and her daughter had eczema and skin rashes. She consulted with Dr. Larry in 2012 and 2013 for guidance regarding both children.

Dr. Larry and Amala will talk through her journey. She will speak about her deep concern about her children’s health struggles, the advice delivered by conventional physicians, the information she received from Dr. Larry in the office, how she used it to make dramatic changes in her home, and the process by which she became empowered to improve her children’s health.

Amala will share how she feeds and cares for her children, such that her son no longer wheezes, and can tolerate more and more foods without reactions, and such that her daughter no longer develops the kind of skin outbreaks that interfered with her health and her social life.

Join us for a fascinating, nuts and bolts show about food, supplements, healing, and how Amala was inspired to take action and help her children enough to stay out of Dr. Larry’s office. She will share how the information she learned in the office helped improve her own health, too.

Amala w childrenAmala Holt, a software engineer by profession and a stay-at-home mother of three by choice, was born and raised in India. She immigrated to the United States to pursue a graduate degree in Computer Engineering. Here true passion for good food and for good health led her into her side career, to open the CT School of Indian Cooking. Amala enjoys teaching with lively, heart warming anecdotes about the health benefits of Indian spices and the traditions of soaking, fermenting, and sprouting. She has done a few cooking segments for local television. Amala gave birth to her children in a birth center at the hands of midwives. Having suffered asthma all her life, she was searching for a way to heal her third child’s evolving asthma symptoms without the use of conventional medicine, the ones she had taken all her life. Along with her immigrant European husband, Amala believes she might finally know the cause of much that ails us: food; and the solution to much that ails us: food!

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Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD

with Kelly Brogan, MD

According to governmental statistics, 12% of children 3-17 are neurodevelopmentally impaired. Genetics cannot explain skyrocketing rates of ADHD, sensory processing problems, and autism spectrum disorders. Child behavioral health cannot be viewed as a head-up phenomenon any longer. It requires the intuition, cutting-edge investigative science, and a systems-based approach that looks at the whole child in their environment. Seeing children’s bodies as messengers sounding the alarm about what is out of balance, this is what a holistic pediatric practitioner is adept at. Maya Shetreat-Klein is pioneering a gentler, more effective approach toward pediatric neurology. She stands in very sparse company at the top of a new paradigm in children’s health.

  • Should we be medicating child behavioral problems?
  • What is driving the epidemic of chronic pediatric illness?
  • What should kids be eating for brain and body wellness?
  • What are the top three supplements for supporting brain health in children?
  • What are the most important diagnostics for vague psychiatric and behavioral problems?

Maya Shetreat-Klein is a board-certified pediatric neurologist offering an integrative approach to neurological, behavioral and cognitive problems for those who believe that children can regain health without using medication as the first option. Her treatments consist mainly of using nutrition as well as supplements, herbals and mind-body, supported by medical evidence. Maya is board-certified in Adult and Pediatric Neurology as well as in Pediatrics. She teaches integrative neurology as faculty at New York Medical College and UMDNJ, and lectures widely. She completed residency training for Pediatrics at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, and then her Adult and Child Neurology fellowship at Montefiore Medical Center. Maya received her medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where she was awarded the Edward Padow Award for Excellence in Pediatrics and graduated with a Special Distinction in Research in Child Neurology for her work in Autism. She graduated from Columbia College in New York City with a B.A. in English literature.

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Dolphin Parenting, A Tiger-Free Zone

with Louise Kuo Habakus

dolphin jacket

I was transfixed by Amy Chua’s “Tiger Mom” book and read it in one breath. I was simultaneously embarrassed for her and morbidly impressed.  Her two daughters seemed awfully accomplished, after all.

I squashed the seed of insecurity that was planted and promptly gave the book to my son to read. Ha! That was fun.

Fast forward a few years, and the link to this gem of a book, The Dolphin Way, that landed in my inbox (thanks, Cornelia!). My first reaction was, Oh brother. Someone is trying to write the next Tiger Mom bestseller.

I cracked it open and was hooked.

The first chapter describes the problem with power-assertive, negative parenting and author Shimi Kang totally nails it. She proceeds to describe a new parenting model, with a friendlier, more appealing mascot.

While it sounds hoky, the moniker fits. Dolphins are joyful, playful, and highly social. She explains how we build the skills most needed in our increasingly complex, modern world: creativity, adaptability, critical thinking, and the ability to collaborate and work effectively with others. The model makes sense, and inspires us to do better. Shimi honors parental intuition, but also uses neuroscience and behavioral research to support her recommendations.

shimi headshotShimi Kang, MD is a Harvard-trained child and adult psychiatrist. She is the medical director for Child and Youth Mental Health community programs in Vancouver, British Columbia. Shimi witnesses firsthand the consequences of parental pressure (anxiety, stress, suicide, addiction), and draws on her own childhood and parenting experiences for contrast and support.

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