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What would you do if your child was diagnosed with a psychiatric condition, and medication has been prescribed? What is ADHD, for example, and what options do parents have? Some part of you, as a parent, might resist drugs, thinking I don't want to go down this road. There may be an equally strong sense that you need help, that something is wrong. Join us as we explore the nuances of Whole Child treatment with Dr. Scott Shannon, author, internist, acupuncturist, and child psychiatrist. We will learn about how this pioneering clinician approaches child behavior, brain health, and full body wellness.

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Are You Normal? - 02/12/14

Couples create a ‘normal’ together. A lot of it works. But sometimes, not so much. We have strengths and stuck places in our marriages. You know the expression “You never really know another person’s marriage”? But what if you could? Would you like to hear how other couples manage money and kids, spice things up in the bedroom, and divvy up the housework?

It turns out the happiest couples have some things in common.

What they are might surprise you.

Chrisanna Northrup wanted to know. In the midst of a relationship crisis, she created The Normal Bar project to help create a “marital rebirth.” Chrisanna recruited two renowned Ivy League PhD sociologists: Pepper Schwartz (Yale) and James Witte (Harvard). They helped her to analyze the results from nearly 100,000 people who were surveyed about their romantic relationships and on today's show we're interviewing Chrisanna on what her data reveals about the 'New Normal' for couples who describe themselves as extremely happy.

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What’s going on with middle school girls? They’re ruthless in their criticisms of each other. (You’re so ugly/fat/stupid. She wears fake Uggs. Her Ziploc bag is from the dollar store.)  They form cliques and delight in keeping people out. Their social media pages are filled with unkind comments and photos from private parties. The subtext: I’m so popular and you’re a loser.


Girls return home from school in tears, demanding the latest brands as a form of armor against the next round of bullying. Parents scratch their heads and wonder if they should give in.


We talk with author and Girl Talk founder Haley Kilpatrick about mean girls and bullying, what daughters wish from their moms, and the varied ways that unkindness plays out in the larger world, including boys and adults.

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